sábado, 5 de maio de 2007

bread & butter

The blue fabric of which dreams are made. Today, more than ever, denim is an expression of individuality and independence and has become firmly established in contemporary fashion culture.

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their closet, regardless how old they are, what social class they belong to, what their race, sexual orientation or what subculture they subscribe to. If Denim were politics there would be no wars, the blue fabric bridges all the gaps created by history, society and culture.

Bread & butter`s Denim Area, themed “enrooted in denim”, highlights brands which clearly originate from denim - from the authentic classic to the latest fashion item.

The Denim Area presents the most relevant and influential brands of the international market and thus combines commercial success, strong markets and high levels of turnover on the one hand, with image, creativity and lifestyle on the other.